Create engaging, interactive and social online courses by leveraging our research-backed approach to education

Lisa Green - CMO
Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

We’re the world’s first online learning platform designed for social constructivism. That means you can go beyond content delivery to focus on student empowerment, active learning experiences, and community engagement.

Leverage our research-backed, all-in-one learning platform to deliver scalable, on-demand learning for your learners.

Our learning philosophy

Enabling you to deliver transformative online learning outcomes

Learner empowerment

Designing learner-centered courses to foster deeper learning through intrinsic motivation

Authentic, active learning experiences

Going beyond publishing content towards experiences driven by learning outcomes

Together, we can transform the learning experience




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ascholarandaphysician.com has modernized it's platform becoming more user friendly and feature rich. We love the Learning Platform product and team!"
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
"This module really helped me to discover myself - to know and manage myself so that I can be aware about other people’s emotions and so that I can work better with them. It is amazing to understand the basic principle that a good leader comes from an individual who deeply recognizes themselves."
Zasha Swan
From Australia